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Admission Arrangements


The Local Education Authority (LEA) is responsible for admissions to this school and places are offered in accordance with the admissions criteria should the school be over subscribed. A maximum of 30 pupils are admitted.


Where the school is over subscribed, i.e. where there are more children who want places than places available, places will be allocated according to the following criteria:

  • Children with a statement of Educational Needs which names the school.
  • Children in public care.
  • Children who have a brother or sister at the school.
  • Children who live closest to the school. Distance will be measured as the crow flies. However, account will also be taken of ease of access to and distance from alternatives.
  • The closing date for admission appeals is 17/5/2017


Prospective parents are most welcome to visit the school and should telephone our Administrative Officer, Mrs Minshull, for the opportunity to do so. Once your child's place has been confirmed, you will be notified of an evening meeting in school, when organisation and teaching methods will be discussed. Parents' are also given the booklet 'Your Child Starting School' which offers advice regarding useful preparations to ensure a smooth entry into the school environment for each child. Children will start school in the school year they will be 5 years old.


We welcome you, also, to our Open Day in the Spring Term, and to the many social events organised by the Fund Raising Committee.