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Junior Leadership Team

Junior Leadership Team



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                              The Team!!

The Junior Leadership and Infant Leadership Team are our pupils voice. They have regular meetings and gather suggestions and ideas from their classmates on how to improve our school.

The team help out during fundraising events and also organise some of their own.

Recently we held a special Macmillan Coffee Morning and the team held a bake off in order to raise money for this important event.

                     Over £200.00 was raised in total!!      


                           BAKE OFF!!!


                              Meeting 5th October, 2015

 During this meeting our pupils voiced that they would like more equipment at playtimes, school pets and more afterschool clubs.

The team will be relaying these suggestions to Mrs Collier and our Governors.


                                    November Meeting

Following our October meeting, Mrs Collier attended our November meeting. She gave us some feedback from the suggestions that we made on the pupils behalf.


One of the suggestions made was for KS2 to have a fish tank. Mrs Collier told us that we would be purchasing a fish tank for KS2, which would be kept in the library.

Secondly, a request had been put forward for more outdoor equipment. Mrs Collier told us that FOSPS had kindly agreed to donate £1000.00 for some outdoor equipment.

It is now the JLT/ILT mission to look for suitable equipment and gather the views of all the pupils in school, to then put forward our request to Mrs Collier. 


                       December- The Christmas Fair


The JLT members helped to run four different stalls during the Christmas Fair, worked hard and helped to raise over 1000.00's for FOSPS!!   WELL DONE TEAM!!

                 Links with St.James' C of E Primary School


We have recently had an enjoyable visit from St.James' School Council.

We shared experiences and ideas and worked together on some fun activities. It was great to be able to welcome St.James' to our school and we are looking forward to visiting them during the Summer term.



                   The Fish Tank Arrives!!!


We are very excited to announce the arrival of your KS2 fish tank! Information about the fish is displayed on the Library wall, so that you can read all about our new pets.

The JLT have been given the responsiblty of ensuring that the fish are fed daily.

We would like our pupils to think of some names for our fish and put their suggestions in the ILT/JLT suggestion boxes in the classrooms.


More exciting news..

we have found out today that one of our fish is going to become a mother! See the team for further details...