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Learning Mentor

Learning Mentor


Hello! I am Mrs Hilton, Learning Mentor at Bryn, St.Peter's.


What is a Learning Mentor?

My job is to work with children, parents,carers,teachers and other agencies on various issues that may be affecting a childs learning.

I work alongside all school staff to support our pupils and parents/carers.


How can I help?

I may be part of your childs support network at school, helping with:

  • punctuality & attendance
  • changes in behaviour causing detriment to learning
  • bullying
  • diffculties with developing & maintaining friendships
  • low self esteem and confidence
  • settling in of new children
  • transition to their next class, key stage or high school
  • support parents/carers with routines and managing behaviours at home.
  • point of contact for parents on a daily basis.


    Where to find me?

If you would like advise or support, or just to ask a question regarding your child in school; you can find me on the playground each morning from 8.45am and also at the school gate at 3.15pm daily. If I don't know the answer, I will always find out and get in touch.


Peer Mentors



Our Peer Mentors play games and support our KS1 children during playtimes. They do a fantastic job of supporting them with friendships and making good choices;so that playtimes are safe and happy times of the day!

Play Zone Leaders



Our Playzone Leaders help to provide fun lunchtimes for our KS1 children. They operate zones on the KS1 playground where children can skip, play ring games, play on bouncy hoppers, create artwork using chalks, soft ball games, skittles and much more!


School Leadership Team


Each September, each class vote for 2 class pupils to represent them as their School Leadership Team. The team will be meet on a regular basis and support school with fund raising and help to improve our school. The Leadership team also have links with other primary schools, with whom they share their knowledge and ideas. They also help to provide fun groups, activities and competitions for the pupils to participate in.


Cookery Club


As an afterschool activity, I run a cookery club. Children are invited along to make enjoyable dishes from scratch. Whilst teaching them the basic skills needed to independently prepare meals and the knowledge of hygiene and saftey around the kitchen. The club runs for four sessions and are free of charge.





Coffee Morning


Every Friday morning, 9am until 10am I hold a coffee morning. Everybody is welcome to join us, babies and toddlers are also welcome! We have a selection of books and toys to keep them entertained.It's a great opportunity for parents and carers to get to know each other, share ideas and make suggestions for our school.





Walking Bus


We currently operate two walking bus routes, one from Landgate Estate (Yewdale road shops) and the other from Whitledge Green. If you would like your child to join us you can collect a form from the school entrance or from me. Once we have a signature of consent and Parent/Carer contact, children can use the bus on a daily basis.


The walking bus provides opportunities for children to engage in conversation with their friends on the way to school. We quite often enjoy a sing a long! Children arrive at school safely, on time and feeling positive!


For our pupils safety, they are all provided with a high visibility waistcoat and walk alongside a friend holding a safety rope.

Meeting point times :

Landgate Estate - 8.15 leaving at 8.25am 

Meeting point times :

Whitledge Estate (opposite the green)- 8.15 leaving at 8.25am