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T-shirts and tickets

Choir T- shirts

Choir T- shirts 1
Choir T- shirts 2

Young Voices choir t-shirts are available at a cost of £12, however these are not essential. If you would like to purchase a t-shirt please complete the form attached to the initial letter that was sent home (07.09.19) and send it back into school.  Alternatively, speak to Miss Swann.  Should you choose not to purchase one of these a plain white t-shirt will be required for the day of the performance. 


Please note: the deadline for ordering t-shirts is Monday, 15th October. 

Audience tickets

Audience tickets 1

We would love as many parents and relatives as possible to join us at the Arena, as part of the audience; tickets cost £20 per person. These can be ordered now through school (see the order form attached to the initial letter sent home (07.09.19), to secure your order a £5.00 deposit is required); the deadline for ordering tickets is Monday, 15th October.