Covid - updates & changes

What parents and carers need to know about coming back to school from Wednesday, 2nd September 2020.

Who will be coming back?

It is the government’s plan that all children, in all year groups, will return to school full time from September.

The scientific evidence shows that coronavirus (COVID-19) presents a much lower risk to children than adults of becoming severely ill, and there is no evidence that children transmit the disease any more than adults. Of course, there will still be risks while coronavirus (COVID-19) remains in the community, and that is why schools have been asked to put in place a range of protective measures, so in order to effectively manage the risks that remain, things will be a bit different when children return in September.

Is attendance mandatory?

Yes -  For parents and carers of children of compulsory school age, this means that the legal duty on you as a parent to send your child to school regularly will apply, unless they are self-isolating and have had symptoms or a positive test result.

How can school make the return as safe as possible?

  • Bryn St Peter’s have completed a health and safety risk assessment (linked below) as part of their planning for the autumn term and the return of all pupils.
  • By ensuring everyone at the school or college cleans their hands more often than usual.
  • By ensuring good respiratory hygiene, by promoting the ‘catch it, bin it, kill it’ approach
  • Enhanced cleaning, including cleaning frequently touched surfaces more often
  • minimising contact and maintaining distance, as far as possible This will involve asking children to stay within specified separate groups (or bubbles), and through maintaining distance between individuals.

(The government’s guidance to schools recognises that younger children may not be able to maintain social distancing so it is likely that for younger children the emphasis will be on separating groups, and for older children, it will be on distancing.)

  • Managing confirmed cases of coronavirus (COVID-19) in the school

Parents and carers can support this by:

  • Ensuring that anyone who has coronavirus (COVID-19) symptoms, or has someone in their household who does, does not attend school - this means if your child, or someone in your household, has symptoms you should not send them to school.  Please call us as soon as possible.
  • Engaging with the NHS Test and Trace process so that cases can be identified and action taken - this means if your child develops symptoms, you should arrange for them to get a test and you should inform school of the results.

How will arriving and leaving school be different?

We will stagger the start and end of the day, as this helps keep groups apart on the way to and from school, and as they arrive and leave the premises. This it will not reduce the amount of time they spend learning - but it could be that start or finish times are adjusted for your child.


Drop off

Pick up

Y2 and Y6



Rec and Y5



Y1 and Y3







(For the first 3 days at school your child will be in their 'old' year group, following those allocated times and then this will change on Monday 7th when they move up to the next class and therefore their starting and finishing times will change)

If you have a child in more than one year group, please bring them at the earliest time and pick up at the latest.

It is important that you do not enter the school grounds before your allocated time.  Please see our video below, to help understand the new routine.  We will close off Cooke St at the beginning of the day as this will be an entrance to the school grounds and parking there poses a considerable risk to pedestrians as cars manoeuvre. Please do not attempt to park on Cook Street.

Where possible, please avoid public transport, particularly at peak times, and to walk or cycle to school.Where your child relies on public transport to get to school, the safer travel guidance for passengers will apply.

Will my child be expected to wear uniform in September?

Yes - we will be returning to our usual smart Bryn St Peter’s uniform.  As we require less to be brought in please do not send backpacks – a lunch box and small book bag is safest. Click here for details about our uniform

For the foreseeable future the children will have a sports afternoon.  On this day, they may come to school in sports clothing:  Their PE top and their school sweatshirt, and either their PE shorts or leggings/jogging bottoms for colder weather.  Pumps can be brought and left in school, and trainers may be worn on PE days only.  This will reduce what is brought into school, and reduce the amount of contact for younger children who need support with changing

Public Health England does not recommend the use of face coverings in schools. They are not required in schools as pupils and staff are mixing in consistent groups, and because misuse may inadvertently increase the risk of transmission. 

Visitors to school will be asked to wear masks.

What will happen with school dinners?

The school kitchen will be fully open from the start of the autumn term, and we will provide free school meals and universal infant free school meals as usual for those who are eligible and those who choose to take a school lunch.  We will continue to provide fruit (KS1) and toast (KS2) as we did before lockdown.

Will school trips be offered?

School will resume educational day trips, in line with the latest public health guidance and wider guidance for schools, on the actions they can take to reduce risks.

Will extra-curricular activities be taking place?

Breakfast and after-school care run by Happy Hours will still be available.

We will introduce after school extra curricular clubs gradually, with safety at the heart of our decision making.

Will there be changes in what curriculum is taught?

School will continue to provide an ambitious and broad curriculum in all subjects.

There may need to be changes to some subjects - such as PE and music - to ensure they can be delivered as safely as possible.

Will tests and exams continue?

The government is planning that statutory primary assessments (for those going into year 6 in September) will take place in summer 2021.  Timetable checks in y4 and phonics checks in Y1 are planned to go ahead.

We await further information about phonics checks for y2, who missed the year 1 phonics tests and whether y2 SATs will take place this year

Will inspections continue to take place?

The government has also confirmed that in the autumn term, Ofsted inspectors will visit a sample of schools to discuss how they are supporting pupils back into school. These visits will not result in a graded judgement for the school.

What will happen in the event of an outbreak?

If school experiences an outbreak, we will contact our local health protection team. This team will advise if additional action is required, though the closure of the whole school will generally not be necessary.

We will inform you immediately of the advice given.

All this is subject to change, depending on the circumstances and efficiency.  We will keep you updated if we feel anything needs to change.

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