Young Voices 2019
At Bryn St Peter’s C.E. primary school we are very pleased to be taking part in the Young Voices Choir once again. The concert is due to take place at the Manchester Phones4u arena on Tuesday, 12th February 2019. We are extremely proud to be part of the largest school choir concert in the world. The show promises to be bigger and better than ever! The Young Voices team are working on inviting some very special guests for your children to enjoy. It’s going to be one very BIG MUSICAL PARTY!!

The concert is open to all KS2 children who want to sing. It will be a challenge as there are lots of words to learn and practise, along with some groovy dance moves but most of all it will be lots of fun! The majority of the hard work will be done during our after school choir practices on Thursday 3:15 - 4:30pm.

Directions to the Manchester Phones4u arena can be found here.

Choir T-Shirts
Young Voices choir t-shirts are available at a cost of £12, however these are not essential.If you would like to purchase a t-shirt please complete the form attached to the initial letter that was sent home (07.09.19) and send it back into school.  Alternatively, speak to Miss Swann.  Should you choose not to purchase one of these a plain white t-shirt will be required for the day of the performance. 

Please note: the deadline for ordering t-shirts is Monday, 15th October. 



Audience Tickets
We would love as many parents and relatives as possible to join us at the Arena, as part of the audience; tickets cost £20 per person. These can be ordered now through school (see the order form attached to the initial letter sent home (07.09.19), to secure your order a£5.00 deposit is required); the deadline for ordering tickets is Monday, 15th October. 

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