PE and Sport at Bryn St. Peter's


Our physical education curriculum will inspire ALL pupils to succeed and achieve in ALL aspects of physical activity. It aims to provide children with appropriate levels of challenge – at appropriate times - that develop, strengthen and prioritise an individual’s physical, social and emotional health. P.E at St. Peter’s intends to provide children with a safe environment that offers different opportunities to become physically confident, in a way that encourages and supports a healthy lifestyle (both in and out of school). The long terms plans for each year group (from YR to Y6) have been designed to run alongside themes being used in the classroom over each half term, providing valuable cross-curricular links and offering all children the opportunity to extend and broaden their learning. Regular opportunities to be a part of both competitive and non-competitive activity aims to develop character and further embed the principles of fairness and respect which will enhance the core Christian and British values that are already rooted within our school. As the children progress through the Key Stages, they will experience different roles and responsibilities (such as leadership and officiating) and ALL children will learn how to contribute effectively to challenging individual and team situations.


School Sports fixtures (Autumn Term 2019/20)

Y3-6 Boccia Competition (5th December) 

Y5/6 Dodgeball - Heat 5 (27th November)

Y5/6 Basketball (25th November) 

After School Sports Clubs (Autumn Term 2019/20)

KS2 Dodgeball  

KS2 Football

KS1 and KS2 Yoga

KS2 Tag Rugby

UKS2 Archery

LKS2 Boccia

KS1 Tri-Golf


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