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Reading is a very important skill that we all need. It helps us to make sense of the world around us. We make use of these skills every day. Signs, letters, posters and even bills cannot be understood unless we can read. Reading for pleasure is something that can help us relax and forget the worries of our lives. In the 21st century iPads, kindles and other electronic devices make all kinds of books very readily available in many different environments.


  • The reading journey starts long before children are ready for school. Understanding of how to read begins by seeing other people handling books, looking at pictures and turning pages over.
  • Playing with language, talking and singing nursery rhymes gives children a love and understanding of language and prepares them for beginning reading.
  • Listening to stories is a great way to get children involved in books and encourages to start off reading for themselves.

Primary School

  • At school reading becomes something that is taught, and for different reasons, some children find it easier to pick up than others. When children are at home they should feel safe and happy to practice reading with members of their families in a secure and comfortable atmosphere.
  • It is important that reading is visible; have books available in your home. Let your child see you enjoying a good book or a magazine.
  • try to share books every day.
  • Boys need to see that reading is something men do.
  • Talk about books and stories.
  • Sit and listen – don’t do chores around the reader! Always turn the TV off.
  • Respect choices – your child is much more likely to become a better reader if they are interested in what they are reading. Comics and special interest magazines are allowed!

Reading to your children

  • Introduce your children to different types of books; classic fiction, chapter books, short stories, joke books, poetry, non-fiction.
  • Talk to them and read them the book that was your favourite when you were a child.
  • Read slowly with expression. Try to use different and funny voices for characters.
  • Follow the words and read the story using the pictures to help understanding.
  • Talk about what is happening and what might happen next.
  • Leave stories on a cliff hanger.

Reading Reward Incentive 2016 - 2017
Thank you for your support at our recent book fair event in school. We raised £541.30 and were able to claim lots of lovely new books for the library.

Well done to our book fair competition winners -

YR: Riley Fairclough
Y2: Joe Miller
Y3: Ellis Whitfield
Y4: Faith Hadwin and Keira Monroe
Y5: Jack Rockliffe and Isabell Pearce
Y6: Olivia Molloy

for their excellent stories and book reviews, they have now all claimed their prizes!

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