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Weekly update 23rd October

Date: 23rd Oct 2020 @ 6:27pm

We've finally reached half term and I have been telling the children today how proud I am of the way they have settled into Year 6.  They participate enthusiastically and are always up for a challenge.  I have also seen the children supporting each other and showing real kindness.

A special well done to Michael, Jessica and Georgia this week for their reading word counts.  

Michael has read over 600,000 words since September.

Jessica has read 114,000 words since September.

And Georgia has read 79,000 words since September.

We are aiming to be word millionaires and many children are well on their way.  Keep reading over the holidays so that you'll be ready to quiz when we return.  There is a competitive spirit in class and I can't wait to see the scores continue to rise.

Have a lovely week off school and I look forward to seeing everyone back in a week's time.

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