Year 4 2020 - 2021

Mr Greaves

Year 4 class teacher

Year 4 2020 - 2021

Mr. Greaves

Welcome to Y4 with Mrs Pritchard

Here are a few reminders of some of the routines in Year 4:

Due to the pandemic, we won't be having the usual 'Meet the Teacher' afternoons for parents/carers this year. Therefore, here is some helpful information that you will need for when your children return this September.


Please take a moment to have a read and, if you’ve any questions, don’t hesitate to give me a call via the school office - please do not approach the classroom door to speak with the class teacher.


Start and Finish Times

On our Covid-19 section, you will have seen that we will be staggering start and finish times for each class. Our Y4 drop-off time is 9:00 am and our pick-up time is 3:25 pm. 

Remember, if you have a child in more than one year group, please bring them at the earliest time and pick up at the latest.



Please can I remind you that all reading is to be logged on Seesaw by parents in time for Monday morning, when Mrs Pritchard will check our class page, at the start of each week.

Parents and carers, who are taking charge of this, are welcomed to access Seesaw using their child’s log-in details, where you can upload evidence of your child’s efforts from the week. It is up to you how this is recorded – as long as it works for you and your routines at home: I do not want this to be an onerous task. Please note that your child is required to read at least 4 times during the week - for a minimum of 25 minutes each time, with support from an adult. Our 7-day ‘reading week’ runs from Monday to Sunday, therefore I’d like you to upload a post in the form of a ‘picture’ or ‘note’, using the green ‘Post Student Work’ tab. This can be a simple log on a piece of paper or a screen shot. Like I said – whichever works best for you, as long as it shows evidence of your child’s reading, I'm happy! Please note that I do not need or request daily updates or pictures of your child's reading – a single post towards the end of the reading week is enough.

If your child prefers to read a book they have at home, rather than a school book, that's fine - as long as it is age appropriate.  We don't want to stop any body reading a good quality book that they are enjoying!

Remember, reading at least 4 times each week earns you extra Dojos and Dojos = prizes!


PE Afternoons

Our PE afternoon (up until the February Half-Term break) is on a Tuesday, each week. It is important that each Tuesday, children come into school wearing a games kit (jogging pants/leggings, their P.E. top and their school jumper). This is to lessen the need to bring things to and from school and therefore help us to minimise the chances of spreading infection.  P.E. pumps will stay in school (in a bag on your child’s peg – please clearly label this).

Remember that pumps are a part of our school uniform and must be worn for P.E. We will only allow trainers which have a completely white sole – any trainers with different colours or markings on their sole are strictly forbidden as they can cause irreversible damage to the hall floor. 



 This year, children in Year 4 will be taking part in swimming lessons at the Ashton Leisure Centre up until the February half term break. 


Water bottles

Please send a water bottle in for your child.  Even when the weather is cold, your child will still need a drink throughout the day. Make sure that your child's water bottle is clearly labelled - this is particularly important due to the current pandemic.



Celebration Assembly

Our whole-school Celebration Assembly is held on Friday mornings.  You will receive notice if there are any changes to this, but we will always welcome you if you wish to come along and celebrate our children’s successes. Before travelling to attend our assemblies, we advise that you call our school office to make sure that visitors/ guests are welcome (given the current pandemic).



Tuck money is collected on a Friday, giving us enough time to prepare ourselves for the week ahead, At the moment (due to the pandemic), we are only offering toast at a cost of £1.00 for the week.


*If there is anything else that you wish to ask about, please contact the school office and leave me a message - I will get back to you as soon as I can. Due to the current situation and our desire to keep everybody as safe as possible, we strongly discourage any face-to-face conversations, so please avoid any temptation to speak to me at our classroom door as it is not safe at this moment in time.


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