Our Vision and Aims

School Mission Statement
Our church school is committed to the provision and celebration of excellent education in a Christian context. In a caring, and respectful  community, where Christian values are at the core of everything we do, we encourage pupils to excel and develop their full potential.

All children are welcomed into a secure and safe environment where they are valued as unique and are included, accepted as individuals and where achievements are celebrated.

Together, with God, we are building our future.


  • To ensure children are challenged and achieve their highest potential and their successes are celebrated
  • To provide an innovative and creative curriculum, embracing new technologies to enhance children's learning, preparing them to be 'life-long' learners
  • To avoid all aspects of direct and indirect discrimination
  • To provide personalised learning enabling all children to enjoy and achieve
  • To develop self-confidence and self-esteem of all pupils, encouraging them to embrace challenge and change
  • To actively encourage involvement in initiatives within school, the Church and the community
  • To provide a curriculum that develops the skills and understanding required to achieve personal, sustainable economic well-being, whilst mindful of the needs and demands of others
  • To teach children the importance of maintaining all aspects of a healthy lifestyle
  • To appreciate and know how to care for the world that they live in

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