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PE and Sport at Bryn St. Peter's


Our physical education curriculum aims to inspire ALL pupils to succeed and achieve in ALL aspects of physical activity. It aims to provide children with appropriate levels of challenge – at appropriate times - that develop, strengthen and prioritise an individual’s physical, social and emotional health. P.E at St. Peter’s intends to provide children with a safe environment that offers different opportunities to become physically confident, in a way that encourages and supports a healthy lifestyle (both in and out of school). The long terms plans for each year group (from YR to Y6) have been designed to run alongside themes being used in the classroom over each half term, providing valuable cross-curricular links and offering all children the opportunity to extend and broaden their learning, building fundamentally on the skills that they learned in the previous year. Regular opportunities to be a part of both competitive and non-competitive activity aims to develop character and further embed the principles of fairness and respect which will enhance the core Christian values that are already rooted within our school. 

Personal Best

During the Summer Term 2021, children across school will be given the opportunity to create their own 'Personal Best' challenges. These will consist of an exercise, completed for a set amount of time, with a minimum amount of repetitions to be achieved (see the sheet attached). Each child in every class - regardless of ability - will create a challenge sheet  which, along with everybody else's sheet from that class, will be kept by the class teacher. Then, each morning, break, lunch, before or after school, the class teachers will choose 2 or 3 of the challenges for the children to have a go at, ensuring that everybody gives their best effort.

This will help our school to strive towards offering an additional 30 minutes of physical exercise for every pupil, each day. 

Let's Get Moving Bingo

The Let's Get Moving bingo cards inspire the children to work towards achieving ‘columns = Bronze’, ‘rows = Silver’ and a ‘full house = Gold’ on an activity grid (see sheet attached) – each box on the grid contains an exercise for the children to complete. The aim is for the children to gain their Gold status each week.

Let's Get Elf-y Advent Challenge

The 'Let's Get Elf-y' Challenge will inspire the children to work towards achieving the status if 'Santa's little helper' on an activity grid (see sheet attached) – each box on the grid contains an exercise for the children to complete. The aim is for the children to consistently complete the LGE sheet in order to be entered into a prize draw for a chance to win A SIGNED WIGAN WARRIORS SHIRT donated to us by the club during a recent visit during the Autumn Term, 2021.

Our 'School Sports Crew' application process is now live! Check out the application form below!


The Muddy Mile - Take a look at the 'Muddy Mile' attachment for more information.  


Video 4 (at the bottom) - Everyone say hello to 'Anomaly' - our new, playground-based and fully interactive member of the team. Anomaly will deliver messages to children and families as they pass through our playground, whilst it can also operate as a screen on which our teachers (along with break and lunch time staff) can use to run activities for the children to engage with such as Active mathematics, Dance, Yoga, Science and much more.

Video 2 (next to bottom)- Our 'Home Workout Challenge'. Can you choose a word and complete a workout using each letter? Check out the 'Home Workout' sheet above. 

Video 3 - The winner of our  Lockdown 'Speed Bounce Challenge' - Ellis from Year 6.

Video 4 (at the top)- Bryn St. Peter's 'Speed Bounce Challenge' - do you have what it takes to speed bounce? #SpeedBounce

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