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Internet Safety

At Bryn St Peter's Primary School, we believe benefits that pupils receive from access to the internet far outweigh disadvantages. In partnership with parents we aim for all our students to understand the need for a responsible attitude when accessing online resources. Through careful monitoring and filtering we will do our best to ensure online safety.

Children will be taught how to stay safe online in ICT lessons by:

  • Never giving personal information.
  • Never uploading personal photographs to public sites.
  • Creating safe passwords and maintaining their security.
  • Never making arrangements to meet someone you have met over the internet.
  • Always telling an adult if you see something that makes you feel uncomfortable.
  • Being respectful; do not post anything that may upset others.

The websites below will give you further information on how to stay safe online.

Websites for Parents
bbc - Safety and Privacy

Websites for Children

Jake Ashall from Wigan’s safeguarding children’s team was in school to talk to parents about how to keep our children safe on the internet on 14th January.

The internet is a fantastic tool that provides knowledge, information, games and services at the press of a button. Young children know nothing else and are able to use it to its full potential.

However, it is essential that they are taught to understand  potential dangers they can expose themselves to by using it.

All social media sites have a minimum age limit of 13 years old which means that any primary school child who uses them is actually breaking the law and can be reported for improper use. Children below the minimum legal age do not have the maturity to deal with comments that could in some circumstances be hurtful. 

Children should never communicate on line, in any way, with people that they do not know. Effectively, the rules that apply to stranger danger apply in these circumstances.

Short videos that give a powerful message about these dangers can be viewed on line. School strongly recommends that you watch and discuss them with your child. They can be accessed through the NSPCC site or through a google search for, “I’ve seen Alex’s willy” and also “Lucy and the boy.”

Too many innocent children have been affected by inappropriate use of the internet with tragic consequences. We do not want this to happen to any of our children. It is our duty to keep our children safe.

I know that you will all give your full support to this very serious subject.

Movie Rockstar Planet - Parents, please be aware of any websites that your children may access on-line. We have recently been made aware that the on-line game 'Movie Rockstar Planet' involves children talking to people they do not know, considered to be friends. Unsuitable messages and instructions are being received by some children. It is vital that parents exercise control over what their children are receiving and sending.

School does not condone or encourage the use of any social media sites. If children choose to use these sites to contact their friends we ask that they only leave positive comments.

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