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St Peter's Church

St Peters Church is part of the South Hub Parish of Wigan. 

The churches in Wigan have been re organised over the past few years, which means that the churches in this area are now part of a bigger Parish.  The churches in our new Parish are St Aidens Billinge, St Andrews Garswood, Holy Trinity Downall Green, St Lukes Stubshaw Cross, St Thomas Ashton and St Peters Bryn. 

You can contact the churches via the South Hub Church Wigan Face Book page or by using the e mail address below.

The churches are run by a join Parochial Church Council, with each church having a small Church Committee that does the day to day running of the individual churches.  We all share the Hub Leader, Ass. Hub Leader, and Curate. 

Hub Leader (Vicar) - Rev Jeremy Thomas

Assistant Hub Leader - Rev Sue Fulford

Hub Curate - Rev Sue Thomas

Each Church has a Local Missional Leader, who with a group of people will organise the worship in the individual churches. 

The contact number for our Local Missional Leader, Eth Yates  is the e mail address at the top of this page

St Peters Church meets every Sunday morning at 10.30 a.m in the Boys' and Girls' Brigade Hall on Bryn Road.  Everyone is welcome.

Church Services

1st Sunday in the month - Communion

2nd Sunday in the month - Brigades in Church for family service.

3rd Sunday in the month - Morning Prayer

4th Sunday in the month - Morning Prayer

When there is a 5th Sunday in the month it is usually Morning Prayer.


Church Organisations
Girls Brigade every Monday at the Brigade Hall in Bryn Road
6.30pm - 7.30pm for ages 4 - 11 yrs.
7.45pm - 9.00pm for age 11+.

Boys Brigade every Tuesday at the Brigade Hall in Bryn Road
6.00pm - 7.30pm for ages 4-7 yrs ( Anchor Boys).
6.00pm - 7.30pm for ages 7-11 yrs (Junior section).
7.30pm - 9.00pm for ages 11+ (Company section).

Wednesdays, In Brigade Hall

1.00 p.m. - Knit and Chat, don't worry if you can't knit, come and chat. 

                                                If you would like to learn to knit there will be someone there who will                                                 be glad to show you how.

7.30 p.m. - Women's Fellowship.  We have speakers, prayers and music.


Thursday - In Brigade Hall

A Tai Chi group meets ( for further information contact Eth Yates  and she will put you in touch with the group leader).


Church and School  

As a school we are very proud of our connections with St Peter's Church. We would like to share some of its very interesting history with you.

Over a Century of Services
From its origins in 1902, when services were held in the mission room at St Peter's School, the church has grown and developed. The old church building was opened in 1906 as a mission church of Holy Trinity, until St Peter's became a full parish on 29th June 1931. The old church was a wooden building in need of constant repair and it was decided in the mid 1950s that a new church was needed. St Peter's parishioners were asked to raise £15000 as their share of the cost. The money was raised by various means and by December 1959 the target had been achieved.

In June 1960, the plans for the new church had been agreed and Dr Spencer, a local GP cut the first turf. The Venerable Archdeacon Arthur White , who had been St Peter's first curate in 1909, laid the foundation stone on 17th September 1960. The new church was consecrated on the 16th August 1961 by the then Bishop of Liverpool, Dr Clifford Martin. There was a stark contrast in design between the old church and the new, the new building being in line with the style of the period.

In June 2016 the Church building had to be closed. Church services are now held in the Boys' and Girls' Brigade hall every Sunday at 10.30 a.m.

For General Enquiries:  

e mail [email protected]

This  will put you in touch with our Local Missional Leader at St Peters


We donated our Harvest gifts to the Ashton Pantry which is located at St Thomas' Church in Ashton.  The ladies who volunteer at the pantry were amazed and very thankful for all of the generous donations.





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