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R.A.V.E. - Ethos Group

The R.A.V.E Team

Meet the Team

Our Mission is to promote Respect and excellent Attidudes, through christian Values, to create a positive Ethos throughout or school.




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The R.A.V.E team plays a vital role in leading our Christian values and ethos within the school. They work hard to make a real difference and represent the views of their classmates with maturity and respect, ensuring that they continue to lead inspirational change and improvements.  In addition, they support the planning and delivery of worship, write prayers and help to plan prepare activities for special Christian celebrations, such as Christmas.


Children's Choice - Christian Value Winners 

Evi - Friendship      


Ethos Hub Event 2

At the second Ethos Hub meeting, we visited a range of prayer stations that were run by the children at St Thomas' Primary School.  We have previously used some of these ideas in our prayer shed but there were some brand news ideas that we are going to use in the future.  A big thank you to the staff and pupils at St Thomas' for making us feel so welcome.

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Ethos Hub Event

We are very proud to have recently hosted the first ethos hub event.  Three local primary schools came together to share ideas about what ethos groups might do to help make our school's distinctively Christian.  

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Our Prayer Shed


Some people of their neighbours as being the people who live near them; they are, but they are not our only neighbours.  A neighbour is any of God's people,  that includes, family, friends, people in our town, people in other courntries and even people we don't like!

We have been thinking about our neighbours, writing their names on a heart and praying for them.



We have taken a minute out of our lunchtime to spend it in prayer, asking God you take care of the people of Ukrain and to bring peace.

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We have used our prayer shed to encourage everyone to look around them and experience the wonder of all that God created.  We went on 'wow walks' and came back to the prayer shed to say thank you to God for all he has created.


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Plans for the Spring Term!!!!!!

Planning meeting.jpg

We had some great ideas at our last planning meeting.  

The RAVE team will be running a lunchtime club, where you will have the chance to learn more about how we can show the love of God through our Christain values.  

We are looking to include craft activities, stories and a time for reflection.

Also, keep watching the green shed on the playground! The RAVE team have some exciting plans for it!



Week 3

This week we created trust trains by thinking about which people we trust and why.

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Week 2

We talked about the Christian value of Love and made a 'Love Book' about what love means to us, who we love, what we love and who loves. us.

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Week 1

Our first R.A.V.E team lunchtime club took place this week and it was a great success!

The R.A.V.E.  leaders planned and delivered a great game called 'Snowball Praise', we wrote down positive comments about someone in the room, screwed up the paper in to 'snowballs' and then threw them at each other! At the end of the game, we all opened up a snowball and read the messages out.


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We then designed a Christian Value butterfly.


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