Year 5 2019 - 2020

Miss Hilton

Welcome to Y5 class page with Miss Hilton and Mrs McClements.


Here are a few reminders of some of the routines in Year 5:



Reading Records and books are checked every Monday.  Please make sure you are reading at least 4 times a week and try to read for around 20 minutes, each time.  If you prefer to read a book you have bought, or borrowed from the public library, rather than a school book, that's fine as long as it is age appropriate.  We don't want to stop you reading a good quality book that you are enjoying!

Remember, reading at least 4 times each week earns you extra dojos.



Our PE sessions are on Monday and Tuesday, each week. It is important to have PE kits in school on these days.


Water bottles

Please send a water bottle in for your child.  Even when the weather is cold, your child will still need a drink throughout the day.


Celebration Assembly

Celebration Assembly is now on a Friday morning. Remember to bring in any achievements from home to celebrate with us, here in school.



Tuck money is collected on a Friday, ready for next week, or Monday at the latest, for the week ahead. The price for milk and toast is £1.75, each week. If children would like milk only this is £1.15 or toast is 60p, for the week.



Brass lessons are every Friday, children will need their brass instruments in school for each of these sessions.


Curriculum 2019/2020 Year group subject overview: Year 5




Guided Reading

Art and design


Design tech










Autumn 1

7 weeks


America: Land of the free




Learning about the Mexican artist Frida Kahlo.

Sketching self-portraits, adding colour with a pastels

We are game developers


Creating a web page about cyber safety Computer networks


North America – physical and human features


Wider Opps

  • Dance – American style Rock n’ Roll
  • Rules and Concepts - invasion


Heart Smart

How and why do Christians read the bible?


Is a busy (New Yorker) life-style a healthy life-style?



Reflection Area:

Making Amends

Autumn 2

7 weeks 4 days


Amazon Adventure

Rainforest Diorama Evening



Boy in the Tower


Use of oil based paints to add colour to dioramas


*Art through ICT in Computing

We are artists –  Fusing geometry and art



Rainforest style art


South America :

 The Amazon Rainforest – the equator, hemispheres, and tropics


Wider Opps

  • Yoga
  • Gym – abstract angles

Don’t Forget to Let Love in

Christmas the gospels of Matthew and Luke

Living things and their habitats – links to the Amazon Rainforest



Reflection Area: Peace maker

Spring 1

6 weeks


All hail Queen Victoria!

Toy Exhibit


Street Child


We are bloggers – sharing experiences and opinions about life as a Victorian

Understand use of mechanical systems –

Creation of Victorian style toy



Life as a Victorian

Wider Opps

  • Dance History - Victorian
  • Invasion - Hockey

Too Much Selfie isn’t Healthy

Jesus the teacher



Link to toy design - gears, levers and pulleys



Reflection Area: New Life


Spring 2

6 weeks



Liverpool World Museum



See you in the cosmos

Repeat pattern screen printing – Space

We are architects


Creating a virtual space – space ships/solar system


Earth’s Arctic and Antarctic  Circle and time zones – links to science: day and night


Wider Opps

  • Dance – Space
  • Leadership – Outdoor Adventure


Don’t Rub it in , Rub it out

Why do Christians believe Easter if a celebration of victory?

Earth and Space




Reflection Area: Creation


Summer 1

4 weeks 4 days


Change- good or bad?

Class visitor from Warburtons


We are web developers


 Developing an interactive game Programming




Wider Opps

  • Accuracy and rallies (net games)

Fake is a Mistake

Pentecost. What happened next?

Properties and changes of materials



Reflection Area: Give thanks


Summer 2

7 weeks


The Great Greeks

Greek style Olympics and celebration, including food tasting


Who Let the Gods Out?

To learn about great Greek architects


Sponge printing on to fabric

We are cryptographers cracking codes


Computational thinking

To strengthen, stiffen and reinforce structure of an Ancient Greek labyrinth


Ancient Greeks – Greek life and achievements and their influence on the western world

Wider Opps

  • Olympic Training (athletics)
  • Gym – travelling and turning

‘No Way Through’ isn’t True

Exploring the lives of significant women in the old testament

Animals, including humans




Reflection Area: Sharing what we have


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