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School Council 2018

Hi everyone, we are the team that you have elected to represent you for this school year.

Each of us have made a commitment to share your ideas and suggestions in our regular meetings that we hold. We will share your views with Mrs Alcock and the school governors and try our best to have your wishes and thoughts granted.

Please let us know if there is anything that you think we can do to make our school better or if there are changes that you think should be made. 

This year we will be supporting you by providing fun lunchtime clubs , running sponsored events and also fundraising for our school.

During our first meeting this morning, we voted in the School Council Chairperson. Grace won the vote; so she will be leading our meetings. Jason was voted in as school council Secretary; so his role will be to take notes during meetings and share correspondence with our S.L.T and the School Governors. 

We also discussed the Macmillan coffee morning which some of the council will be supporting this Friday 28th September. Some of the team will be busy baking cakes to sell on the day.

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