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Year 2 - week 3

Date: 24th Sep 2020 @ 10:09pm

This week, Christmas came early in Y2 as we have had fun making a preparing our Christmas card designs ready for the PTA fund-raiser that will be sent out very soon.  We have learnt about human development in Science and discussed each stage from being a baby to an adult.  We had lots of giggles during our discussions as we realised that as we grow our bodies change in shape, size and appearance.  Mrs Barton and I were very relieved that the children didn't categorise us as 'elderly' because we are wrinkle-free (phew!)  The children were very knowledgeable and drew on their experience of having younger siblings or family members, teenage family members and adults, they had great ideas for how we change and tried hard to use our scientific vocab.  We've had a fun week and are eager to learn lots more!  

To end the week on a high, we had our celebration assembly today.  This week our winners are:

🌟🌟Superstar🌟🌟 - Oliver B - Oliver has blown me away this week, not only did he impress me with his artistic talents but he's given me some fantastic answers in Science this week and in previous weeks too! Excellent Oliver - keep it up!

✝️✝️Christian Value✝️✝️ - Joe D - kindness - for offering to help me in class and offering to help others when he can see they need a good friend.

Well done everybody, another great week!😃😃

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